Hunger Start Accelerator Membership

Hunger Start Accelerator Membership


Discover How 100s Of Entrepreneurs Are Creating a Constant Source of


& creating more money, freedom & fulfilment!


How To Create A Constant Source Of Motivation That Will Keep You Moving Forward Even On Days You Don’t Feel Like It!


How To Stay In A Constant State Of Entrepreneurial Growth So You Can Tackle Any Challenge That Comes Your Way!


How Entrepreneurs Like You Are Developing Their Business, Kept Accountable, Stay On Track And Ensure They Absolutely Smash Their Goals!

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You dream of a better life and a thriving business, with more money, freedom, and fulfilment…
 but something keeps you feeling stuck.
You’re bursting with ideas, motivation and drive some days…
only to sratch your head two weeks later wondering whether this was such a good idea in the first place.
You try to be positive and optimistic about your current situation…
but you’re constantly dragged down by the negative opinions of the people that are closest to you.
Firstly, it’s not your fault. You have been set up to fail.
You’re stuck in a place where you keep doing the same things and expecting a different result.
You are surrounded by the same toxic people who don’t want to see you win.
You simply don’t have access to the support that is necessary to achieve success.

The Hunger Start Accelerator is an ongoing coaching community membership site. 

You get access to all of our existing training modules, plus live training, talks and group coaching sessions from Lewis or a carefully selected Hunger Start Specialist every single week.

We provide absolutely everything you need to attack stagnancy and demotivation from all angles! 

How different do you think your life would be if you could consistently harness the power of hunger?

What would your business look like if you knew with absolute certainty you’d have more “on” days than “off”?
We’ve all had those times where you can feel the fire of hunger burning within you. 
On those days you are unstoppable! 
Nothing gets in your way. 
Signing up 5 new clients? No problem.
Hiring new recruits into your downline? Piece of cake. 
Writing a month’s worth of social media content? Effortless.
You wake up early, knowing exactly what you need to do, and bloody excited to do it! 

The Hunger Start Accelerator is an ongoing coaching community membership site. 

You get access to all of our existing training modules, plus live training, talks and group coaching sessions from Lewis or a carefully selected Hunger Start Specialist every single week.

We provide absolutely everything you need to attack stagnancy and demotivation from all angles! 


My life hasn’t always been this easy. A few short years ago, I was sat in a prison cell wondering how I was going to cope with life outside of prison without drugs or alcohol. It wasn’t my first time in prison. My life has been chaotic from a young age. I had an ASBO at 14, I was expelled from school at 15, and was in a young offender’s institution by the age of 18. I have since spent multiple times in prison, battled with addition, trauma, mental health; and basically, lived a life of limitations.


After a sudden moment of clarity and the support from a community of people, I stumbled upon the formula that created a constant source of motivation that drove me back to education, into college, university and then to start three businesses, travel the world, get clean from drugs and alcohol, beat mental illness, and start to volunteer and help entrepreneurs from all over the world sort their head out and make things happen! Now I have a community of people that do the same. We all help each other sort our heads out and make things happen!


Here Are Some Of My Coaches

Dan Meredith

Dan Meredith

Social Entrepreneur

Shari D Teigman

Shari D Teigman

Mindset Coach

David Raybould

David Raybould

Business Strategist

Helen Packham

Helen Packham

Leadership Coach

Thierry G Carter

Thierry G Carter

Online Internet Coach

Will Polston

Will Polston

Mindset Strategist

Helen Pritchard

Helen Prichard

Marketing Coach

And here are a few entrepreneurs I have coached

The Problem With Coaching...?


That doesn’t sit right with me.
You deserves the right to be coached.
And this is better than coaching anyway! This is…

Coaching On Steroids

That Anyone Can Afford

A place to go and get a loving kick up the backside, to go out there and take what you deserve!
But it’s not just motivation we are going to help you with… 



Fitness & Nutrition


Business Development

We are going to attack your stagnancy and demotivation from ALL angles.



The MOTIVATION from our community.
The ENERGY from fitness & nutrition
The PEACE from meditation.
The SUCCESS from business development.
What would that do for your life?
And imagine YOU, with…
More CONFIDENCE & less self-doubt.
More POSITIVITY & less negativity.
More PERSEVERANCE & less inconsistency.
More EMPOWERMENT & less limitations.
More CLARITY & less confusion.
More PURPOSE & less indifference.

Yes, more action, to go out there and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

You’re bored of ‘experts’ that have all the books, badges and certificates but have never done it.
You’re sick of people telling you what to do when they don’t have a clue what it’s like to feel how you do.
That’s why we are different… 
We haven’t just read this stuff; we’ve lived it!
We understand you and we CAN HELP YOU.
Every single Hunger Start specialist has overcome adversity and created a POWERFULLY fulfilling life.
Someone can only take you to the depths that they’ve been themselves.
We have been to those depths, we can still feel the struggle, and we know the way out! 
That’s why we know for a fact that what we share with you WORKS!

Meet The Hunger Start Specialists


Lewis Raymond Taylor

Mindset Specialist


Neil Jordan

Meditation Specialist


Matt Burbridge

Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist


Denis Brzozowski

Creative & Branding Specialist


Helen Packham

Leadership Specialist


Kelvin Uchemefune

Motivation Specialist


Who Is The Hunger Start Accelerator For?

If emotions such as stress, overwhelm or anxiety are holding you back from being all you can be and achieving everything you are capable of. 

If you’re intrigued to know what your life or business could be like if you allowed yourself to take things to the next level.
If you have goals, but ‘something’ seems to be holding you back. 
If you have an idea but don’t know how to make it a reality.
If you can’t seem to find a direction to move in.
If you want to gain greater clarity around what you want, what is important to you and what your purpose is.
If confidence is restricting your ability to live the life, or run the business, that you truly desire.
If limiting beliefs hold you back and prevent you from taking action and moving forward. 
 If you feel like something is missing in your life, or inside yourself; and want to experiment with ways of finding the missing pieces. 
If you find yourself making excuses and putting things off all the time. 
f you feel flat and as if you’re existing, rather than living; and keep doing the same things over again, with very little stimulation of growth.
If you know what you need to do, but lack the motivation or drive to make it happen.
If you feel that you have entered a negative cycle of thinking that feels impossible to break out of.
 If you feel like you’re coasting in life living in your comfort zone and want to experience new challenges with action, excitement and adventure.  
 If you want to create more MONEY, FREEDOM And HAPPINESS in your life!

I’m a new member to this group – Hunger start – and it’s been very warming to see everyone support, uplift & encourage one another in their pursuits & dreams and sharing their ideas, knowledge and wisdom.

Personally i can’t thank Lewis enough for coaching me through a major breakthrough in my life and i hope we remain friends long after our sessions together. He’s obviously inspirational – having heard his story. And actually cares about everyone and wants to make a difference. You only have to look in the group comments to see the type of amazing people he has attracted & brought together.. i love a good community spirit. Thank you and well done Lewis Raymond Taylor & team

Claire Smart - Make Up Artist

I struggle to put into words just how much Hunger Start has helped me to turn my life around. I’ve been a member of the group for almost a year now and have also met with Lewis for one-to-one sessions. I initially approached the idea with more than a touch of cynicism, thinking that I was beyond help but good luck trying. However I quickly realised that the power of positivity is more than just a myth.


With the help of Lewis and the fabulous Hunger Starters, I am now waking up each morning with a whole new outlook on life. The group is full of such inspirational people from all walks of life, a few minutes of scrolling through the posts will make you feel like you can take on the world! Anybody that feels like they need a push in the right direction, this group is for you. I’ll be forever grateful for the impact its had on my life personally

Nicola Chadburn ~ Junior Buyer

I joined Hunger Start initially just to gai some inspiration from group of like minded people. At first I didnt think it was really going to make too much of a difference to my life but I eventually reached a point where I was lost. I was drowning in a pool of darkness and couldnt find a way out.


Then I remembered this group and Lewis and reached out.

Lewis has changed my life. Hunger Start has changed my life. I have started to change things that have been in place for years and I never would have even considered doing such things without him and the group.


I am working on my business. I have over hauled my house. I am tackling phobias and fears by pushing outside my comfort zone. And I finally have direction in my life.
Thank you Lewis. Thank you Hunger Start Group ^_^

Charlotte Jefferson - Owner of Feel Good Fitness

Hunger Start caught my attention because of its leader. He is young but don’t let that fool you. He’s probably been through way more than I have my entire life! He’s overcome adversity. He’s positive and motivating. Then… see the posts from others. They are positive and motivating. Just changing the people you surround yourself with and hearing the success, the challenges, the failures it’s all good. We’re in this life together. Let’s make the best of it! Xoxo

Pam Lyde - Director of Business Operations

By joining our community you get...

Weekly Live Community Interaction throughout The Entire Week!


Community Group Live Hot Seat Goal Commitments


Turbo Tuesday Call


New Hunger Start Specialist Training


New Hunger Start Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Here's What Else You Get

Video Training Series Mindset & Motivation 7-Step Blueprint!

How To Create A Constant Source Of Motivation So You Can Guarantee You Achieve ANYTHING You Want To!

Video 1: Change

How to create lasting change.

Video 2: Motive

How to work out what you want and why you want it.

Video 3: Move

How to develop and get out of your comfort zone.

Video 4: Obstacles

How to remove hidden physical and mental obstacles, like fear & self doubt.

Video 5: Belief

How to create belief, confidence, affrim & visualise your success.

Video 6: Action

How to overcome procrastination and perfectionism, and start taking imperfect action.

Video 7: Push

How to stay disciplined and keep consistently pushing forward.

Hunger Start Accelerator Program

Video Training Series Online Business Development Training!

Discover The Online Business Development Tactis Internet Entrepreneurs Are Using The Create More Money & Freedom In Their Business!

Video 1:  How To Show Up Online For Your Personal Brand

How to develop a personal brand.

Video 2: How To Build Connection With Prospects Through Social Media

How to gain customers on social media.

Video 3: How To Build Unshakeable Confidence So You Can Win More Business

How to build confidence and close more sales.

Ensuring you get a mega-level value of support, you will have access to Lewis's email address and social media accounts – meaning that between sessions and trainings, you can continue to explore, develop and grow.

30 Minute Break-Through Mindset Coaching Session


A 1:2:1 breakthrough mindset coaching session with Lewis via Skype, where you will start things off with a bang, get to know each other, map out everything you want to tackle, break and re-build beliefs, uncover obstacles and get you ready to start making things happen!

...also includes

Accountability Partner To Track Your Progress


Community Support Via Hunger Start Exclusive Membership Group


We are accepting


into our community

When we open the doors back up on

31st March 2019

If you try to sign up after these places have been taken, you will not be accepted.

7 Stages of Hunger Video Training ProgrammeValue: £997

Business Development Training ProgrammeValue: £997

Personal Support From Lewis – Value: £397

Group Coaching SessionsValue: £397

Total Value: £2,788

You get it for

£69 per month!


Yes! Guaranteed results!

I know from personal experience what works. 

This stuff changed my life.
I’m so confident…
Up to 30 days into joining Hunger Start Accelerator, if you’re not entirely satisfied…
Then you can have 100% of your money back! 

So why Hunger start? Lewis changed my life he made me look in myself self-esteem and make my confidence grow bigger and better. Hunger start is a fantastic community to have the privilege to be in. Knowing I have some where to go when the chips are down that I am not judged but heard. There are some many inspiring people in this group that help me stay motivated stimulated and supported. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this fabulous group.

Charlie Parker - Owner of Q Wellness

I met Lewis through Startup Disruptors and straight away I knew at some point I would be working with him. I’ve tried the books, audible books, online and they work for a short while but it’s when you stumble that the face to face with Lewis really counts. To listen and push you but support and encourage through the difficult and what seem just things that happen in normal life. To make you realise things don’t need to be the way I’ve always thought they should be. Thank you Lewis for my future. Thank you Hunger Starters.

Paul Harling - Owner of Crows Nest Studios Ltd

Those who are engaging and supporting others within the Community are brilliant. In ways that because everyone does things slightly differently, no one person dominates others in who things should be done. Knowing that there is a wider community of people pushing each other to do more and be more is priceless.

Ming Wu - Co-Founder of The Makers Guild


You no longer want to let procrastination and self-doubt stop you from becoming the successful entrepreneur you know you are destined to be!
I know what that’s like because I’ve been there before.
And I know our Hunger Start Accelerator can help you solve this HUGE problem


I would love to see you in these live sessions
I would love to see you take part in our training videos
I would love to see you part of our powerful community.
I can’t wait to witness your NEW energy, and your NEW winning perspective on life.
Most of all?
I can’t wait to feel a new sense of POWER over YOUR LIFE.

So, you can go out there and…


Your Questions Answered

There is no commitment, you are able to leave at any time. However, you’re not going to want to miss this! 

Speed of results vary depending on what your goals are and how commited you are. However, you will see significant changes to your motivation levels within days.

Absolutely, this caters to all levels, from newbies to veterans. Our clients include people who have just started their business journey all the way up to 7 figure income earners and everything in between.    

The Alternative

You go back to what you’re doing and continue feeling 
and unfulfilled.
You spend the small investment that you could have made in yourself, on food, a round of drinks, or another couple of books that you never take action on.

If you’re still wondering:

If it’s the right time to change your life? 
Then it probably is.
If you’re the ‘right person’ for online coaching? 
Then why not find out?
Don’t allow yourself to fall back into the same trap you’ve done previously…
Try and see past the stories you may be telling yourself about how “it won’t work” or “you’ll do it one day”. 
You’ll never know until you try, and ‘one day’ may never come!
If you want something you’ve never had? 
You must be willing to do something you’ve never done!
Let me start by giving you one free powerful coaching question that could change your life forever…
What could your life of business look like if you starting taking action right now?
Go with your gut, and try something NEW!
This is the solution you’ve been looking for.
Do not miss out.
Because some will. 
Don’t let that be you.
You deserve more than that. 

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